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Generate Test Data Instantly
It used to take hours, days, and even weeks to manually generate test data for database applications, warehouse implementations, and Year 2000 projects. Now, with PLATINUM TESTBytes, you can automatically create millions of rows of meaningful test data with simple point-and-click action.
TESTBytes is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that automatically generates test data, providing an incredible productivity boost to database developers, QA testers, data warehouse developers, and Internet/intranet application developers.
Just point-and-click your mouse to specify the type of data you need. TESTBytes automatically produces up to millions of syntactically correct test data, eliminating days or weeks of time-consuming scripting or coding, thus reducing costs.
Populate Databases Easily
After you create a physical database, populating it for testing can be a challenge. Data can reside throughout the enterprise, so obtaining the exact type and quantity of data needed to test your database applications is often drawn-out and difficult. Using TESTBytes, you can create up to millions of rows of test data — quickly and easily.
Define Test Data in Three Different Ways:

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TESTBytes connects to your ODBC-compliant database to instantly generate meaningful test data for your relational database application.
Protect Your Data
Used by federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies with strict security requirements, TESTBytes provides realistic test data without compromising the security of corporate data.
Get Better Quality Applications with
Full-Cycle Testing

Building a reliable database application requires testing throughout the development process. Eliminating dependency on others to provide test data, PLATINUM TESTBytes allows developers to be self-reliant and start testing applications earlier in the development cycle.
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Technical Specifications
System Requirements
: Pentium running Windows NT or Windows 95
Hard Disk: 25 MB