Welcome !

Simon is my son, have a look at his page, please!









I am Leonid Druyanov and this is my personal page:

Many times I thought which things are to be here...

Here is a question: can a personal web page be really interesting to you? Say "yes" and look at my pages. Say "no" in order to go directly to this page. By the way, e-mail me in any case! So after two weeks of very optimistic thoughts I tried to:

And I tried to make this as short as it is possible.
  show myself as a good guy and...
  get new friend with a sense of humor and...
  tell you some real historical facts ...
  ...and bring pleasure to my Mom and Dad

So, don't be very cavil - I am just a normal smart guy and want the world know about my person.

Sounds good, isn't? At least I hope so. Well, first a couple of words about myself. Let's roll!

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