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Simon doesn't speak English and I'll tell you something about Simon. He is 7, he will go to school on September. Now he is playing piano and this is pretty good. He likes to draw water color pictures and don't like to eat and sleep. He is writing a book named "The Answers of The World". Of cause he writes it in his native language: and I have to translate it into English. If you can read Russian, the book is here. If not - I'll translate it later for you. I placed on this page a couple of his photos:

As I said, Simon like to draw. He began when he was 5 or 4 and we keep all his pictures. Simon speaks a little bit Hebrew and learn French. But he knows a few English words!

He likes children and has a lot of friends. Since the last year he was in Israel, he made a friend in Jerusalem. He hopes he will meet new friends via Internet. His mother and father love him and he loves us!


Look at Simon's 9 water color pictures:
tree.jpg sea.jpg snow.jpg
oragir.jpg mom.jpg giraff.jpg
flower.jpg cock.jpg dogboy.jpg

If you like Simon page e-mail him!

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